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Wonder Thinking – Let’s Make Life Astounding (Again)

When was the last time you felt a strong sense of wonder? The kind you felt as a kid?

If you are like me, it’s probably been a long time.

This is my effort to change that.

I’m Mark McGuire. I’ve made my career as an entrepreneur, but I spent the past year of COVID isolation working on a different project. An effort to reclaim something I lost without realizing it.

My sense of wonder.

I didn’t need to leave my house—or my normal life—to find wonder. All I had to do was unpack elements of modern life that surround us all. The genius, hidden complexities that we forgot how to enjoy or even notice.

  • There are astounding miracles that we overlook in our so-called “normal” life
  • If we exercise our curiosity—wondering a little each week—we can see these miracles and better understand how they work to deliver us abundance. Without spending a dollar, we can marvel at, and enjoy, the present and the things we already have
  • Rebuilding our sense of wonder is a basic building block—a super power—we can use to create lasting happiness. To become more curious, more intelligent, more creative person.

Subscribe and I’ll send you a new Wonder topic—my effort to dive deep into an overlooked aspect of life—every weekend for the next few months (and maybe longer). I’ve spent 100’s of hours on these Wonder entries, but each topic will only take you around 5 minutes or so to read.

A weekly dose of wonder can brighten your day and change your outlook on life. It can make some normal aspect of your life come alive. And you might just reclaim some of the joy you found in learning about the world when you were young.

I sure did.

Isn’t that worth a few minutes of your week?

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